qDocs, quantum documents

the future of documents is paperless

The system

qDocs is a cloud based system that delivers documents... on demand, in real time, just in time, just in case, anywhere, while being formatless, with standard legal value, signed at will, and... in virtually any platform.

All the above available for data presentation, and/or data collection.

Also, qDocs is 100% compatible with existing systems and platforms, integrating in a very simple fashion, namely thru pre-set connectors and database sharing solutions, to leading industry standard systems already in place.
Including, but not limited to, CRM, ERP, document management and workflow systems. As well as in place business management applications in both, Public and Private sectors.


qDocs inaugurates a new paradigm. A new category of systems and applications that we named...

This is the Age when the Citizen is freed from a counter bureaucracy and begins to manage it in his smartphone. As he does with the bank, Uber or a common cab, or simply to read the news...

Key points

Beyond buzzwords these are the genuine concepts behind qDocs:

Citizenship, e-Government -> m-Government, Security, Privacy, SaaS, cloud, Democracy, Transparency, the Environment, live data, real time, only once, just in case...