dVote, participated Democracy

distributed electronic vote, Citizen auditable

The Vote

In true Democracy the vote is free. To be truly free, the vote have to be secret and anonymous. The collective decision is the result of each and every individual conscious decision, protected from coercion or reprisal.
Every vote has to be inviolable to assure the overall integrity of the voting process, and by consequence the truthfulness of the result.
It is imperative that the act of voting is simple. The process itself can’t be a cause for exclusion.

dVote opens Participative Democracy to higher levels far beyond casting a vote.

Distributed system

dVote represents a new paradigm.

One opposite to the traditional approach based on the fortification of the votes repository, and complex mechanisms of anonymization and vote counting.

In a truly innovative fashion, dVote contemplates a new stakeholder in the voting process: the Observer.
Anyone can be an Observer, Citizens, parties, news media, groups of interest.

Every Observer hosts a full votes database. The ultimate warranty of integrity of the voting process is the sincronicity between all databases, as each is a verifiable replica of all others, and each and every vote can be checked after it is cast, any time during or after the voting process is closed.

Also, all databases open simultanously right after pole closing time.

Presentation in the
Portuguese Parliament

In two occasions we had the opportunity to demonstrate the system in the Portuguese house of Democracy, the Parliament.

dVote has so far generated interest at several levels.

The presentation on Youtube: dVote Presentation (we are sorry that the presenation is available in Portuguese only, and also for some sound issues)