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Citizenware: Systems or technological tools serving the exercise of citizenship, as in the manipulation of official documents using digital means, in electronic voting, or in digital identity authentication, but not exclusively.

The mentioned systems or tools support multiple platforms, fixed or mobile, are file format independent, regardless of the technology involved in signal transport, being an unequivocal identification marker the fact that the application applies to a citizenship processes, that being the relation between the citizen and the state, being civic activities between citizens and other entities, informal or official, like the common exchange of documents, with or without legal value.

Common heritage of mankind

As creators of the word, we feel the obligation of protecting it, so steps have been taken to guarantee that the word remains in the public domain, preventing it from being taken by limitative interests.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person, company or institution, to make use of the word "Citizenware" without limitation other than respecting the above stated meaning.


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