a unique castle, a special place

History and future

Founded in 1290 the Arraiolos town is guarded by one of the only circular castles in the world. The church inside it, Igreja Matriz do Salvador, is over 700 years old.
On this lands time runs in a particular pace. There is a natural calm in everything happening here. These are perfect rhythms for creative work and ponderation, as opposed to the frantic competition and the stresses of technology hubs.

Arraiolos Rugs are a unique art, documented back to the XVI century, being Arraiolos’ richest tradition. Admired in the four corners of the globe, the Arraiolos Rug is a valuable heritage.

Home to an aging population because of the decline of traditional agriculture, Arraiolos has a tremendous potential for rediscovery. One hour away from Lisbon center by highway, fully infrastructured, served by all state institutions and commerce, Arraiolos offers superior quality of living. For us Arraiolos is the perfect place to bring to life something new, creative, something that leaves a mark…

Live Arraiolos

Land of simple but rich flavors, in perfect harmony with Nature, the best Alentejo cuisine can ben tasted here. Genuine Mediterranean food.

Another Arraiolos' distinctive feature is its scale. Kneeled around its castle, that stands vigilant at the mount summit like an altar, the town presents a magnificent scale. Rare, beautiful and almost pristinely preserved.

Life in Arraiolos is blended by both urban and rural landscape, serenity walking the streets, and the land flavors…