app proof of life

because s#!t happens!...

Life Insurance for your information

Most our work, projects and valuable information, such as home banking or day to day web based management tools, even our phones and personal computer, are protected by PIN codes and passwords, that are by definition confidential.

Proof of Life is an application that safely saves your access data, a set of instructions or even a message, to be delivered to someone of trust in case some accident, or unforeseen impairing health issue happens.

Some people have a heart condition, some have to visit a dangerous location, some people just know that accidents happen…

Proof of Life

Through your mobile and/or PC, the Proof of Life system regularly verifies, acording to a frequency defined by you, that you are alive and well.

if you fail to give proof of life for a pre-defined period, the system proceeds to deliver the information you set up, strictly in accordance to your instructions.


As with life insurance, the key question is: if something bad happens to you NOW, is your critical information available to those you wish had access to it?

By subscribing the Proof of Life service, the risk of total loss for your critical data drops to zero, in just 5 minutes.