mdss, home of qDocs and dVote

two disruptive new paradigms

next generation IT made in medieval Arraiolos


Documents are bureaucracy’s interface for over 5,000 years, with almost no changes since the Pharaohs.
qDocs inaugurates a new paradigm for documents.
Welcome to the age of quantum computing, big data, the cloud and total mobility…


dVote is an innovative electronic voting system that represents a totally new paradigm.
Elections literally out of the box!
A new and radical answer to some old problems associated with electronic voting...


Without Privacy, there is no Democracy. Privacy is one of today’s most threatened commodities. It’s mdss’ strongest commitments. Privacy by design!


Our vision of Citizen data has two pillars: Privacy and Access. Access relates to a Citizen’s right to access its data, even when the State curates that information.


The power of the cloud as a tool to a more functional society. We work on bringing this powerful platform to the common Citizen day to day life.


Today we carry the World in our pocket. Mobility, through smartphones and ubiquitous fast internet, already serves almost all needs of modern life. Now, documents get fully mobile too.


mdss’ systems are developed based on the industry’s most relevant standards. This is our strongest guarantee of security and reliability. [Kerberos, HTML5, css, Javascript, XML, SSL...]


“To innovate is to add value, listening”*
mdss’ systems are disruptive because of the new possibilities they open, not by imposing ruptures.
[*Luís Vidigal]